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Greetings from Bisbee, Arizona

Welcome to my blog. A little about me to begin with: I have been playing music since i was 16 years old. I have been a member of bands since my junior year in high school. I also played the sousaphone in the marching band at Palmyra High School in New Jersey, where I grew up. Since 1999 I've operated a recording studio in my home recording local band demos and overdubs. I recorded the first CD for Betsy In The Gene Pool, a Chapel Hill based band in North Carolina. Since then I've honed my recording skills and improved my gear collection to record my own music and that of other artists. My platform is MAC computer based. The software I use is PreSonus Studio One. The studio is comprised of 2 rooms in the basement of my house that I call the Control Room and Listening room. The Listening room is where I do my real-world previewing on a typical home stereo. The Control room is where I perform all mixing and mastering. A separate building, that used to be a garage, is what I call the Drum Studio. Here I can set up a few musicians playing bass, guitar and drums to record the basic tracks a band can build the finished songs in. I will be posting some pictures of the rooms in a future post. This blog will be used to describe my musical journey. I hope you enjoy!

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